Toronto – Maropost Marketing Cloud, the incredibly fast-growing provider of on-demand digital marketing solutions, today announced its full integration with Interact, a world leader in creating personality quizzes, giveaways, and assessments to generate lead. The integration is complete and immediately available for both Interact and Maropost Marketing Cloud clients.

Josh Haynam, Co-Founder of Interact, describes Interact as “a great way for brands to connect with their audiences in a way that everyone enjoys. Brands enjoy the creation of fun and interactive quizzes for their target audiences. People seem to love taking the quizzes and seeing what they reveal about themselves.”

Bob Frady, CMO of Maropost Marketing Cloud added “Brands are continually trying to attract customer with fun, interactive content. In fact, one of our clients was a key driver behind this integration, as they wanted a way to capture people’s quiz responses, add them to their prospect files, then kick off highly customized marketing automation based on those quiz responses. Our integration with Interact makes it a simple process to add those users directly into their Maropost Marketing Cloud system.”

Haynam also added “at the end of a quiz, the user can opt in to receive more communications from the brand. With this integration, the data – including the quiz answers – drops straight into their Maropost System. It allows our customers to deliver specific, relevant content that drives a connection back to sales. For consumers, the experience is even better, as they don’t have to give up ANY of their Facebook data in – any op-in is strictly optional for the user.”

When asked about client successes, Haynam said “our clients love the interactivity and data richness of the Interact platform. We have several clients who have gained tens of thousands of new users by using Interact. It’s one of those great combinations that both customer and users love.”

“We are excited partner with Interact. They offer our consumers a fun and engaging experience, while offering our clients a great customer acquisition tool. We’re always looking to make our clients lives easier and having a direct integration with Interact drives one of the most critical aspects of marketing – acquiring new and engaged customers. What’s even better is that our clients will gain a rich source of data that can fuel the powerful marketing automation tools built into the Maropost Marketing Cloud. ”