Maropost is pleased to announce their integration with Salesforce — the world’s leading CRM solution. Customers will now be able to maintain a two-way synchronization between Salesforce CRM and Maropost’s cutting-edge email and digital marketing platform.

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost, commented that, “We are very excited to be integrated with Salesforce CRM. Thousands of organizations across the globe utilize Salesforce to store customer data inside of Salesforce CRM. It only made sense to match a great CRM tool with Maropost — the world’s best email and digital marketing platform.”

The Maropost for Salesforce CRM solution allows users direct access to Salesforce campaigns & reports that can be used for scheduling and sending email campaigns from within the Maropost platform, as well as the ability to schedule or initiate a send from with Salesforce. The Salesforce managed application will store summary or detailed campaign information that will allow users to leverage the native reporting and analytics on the Salesforce platform.

The Maropost/Salesforce Application Features:

  1. Maropost to Salesforce
  • Schedule email campaigns leveraging Salesforce campaigns.
  • Selectively filter campaigns based on campaign member statuses.
  • Access update to date list data when Maropost campaigns are executed.
  1. Salesforce to Maropost
  • Schedule Maropost email sends natively in Saleforce.
  • Access summary or detailed email send statistics in Salesforce.
  • Manage global email opt-out or multiple list types from within Salesforce.
  1. Salesforce Certified Application
  • Receive updates to the Maropost for Salesforce Application.
  • Avoid system limitations for Salesforce Tabs and Objects.

The Maropost/Salesforce integration is available today, with the certified application soon to follow. To learn more about how to integrate Salesforce into Maropost — or to learn more about one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in North America — contact us today at