Maropost is thrilled to announce their integration with Facebook’s new lead ads product. Maropost is one of the first companies to launch lead ads integration and are excited about the opportunities it brings to Maropost customers.

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost commented “we are incredibly excited to be an early adopter of lead ads. Facebook is an important advertising vehicle for many of our customers. Lead ads will make it faster and simpler for companies to connect with people who want to learn more about their offerings, which is great news for marketers of all types. The integration will allow marketers to sync information from lead ad responders directly into their Maropost system where they can then be accessed for both Maropost’s marketing automation tools and campaign generation tools.”

Andrew added, “We’re also excited that Facebook chose Maropost as one their initial launch partners for lead ads. We’re doing our part to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape and the integration with lead ads shows our commitment to that goal.”

Facebook LeadAds integration is simple inside of the Maropost user interface.

  • Select the “Social” tab
  • Select “Create Social Leads”
  • Select “Facebook LeadAd Integration”
  • Enter the Ad Id and your Facebook Account
  • Select the list where you want the names to go
  • You’re done! The list will be automatically updated and make available for both automated and standard campaigns

Facebook lead ads with Maropost integration are available today. To learn more about how to integrate lead ads into Maropost – or to learn more about one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in North America – contact us today at