Maropost — a leading email and digital marketing service provider — today announced that in early August the company surpassed its 300th client on their leading edge marketing platform.

CEO Ross Andrew said, “The market receptivity to Maropost has been incredible. Our fantastic growth curve continues! We are thrilled to have over 300 customers and zooming past our most optimistic revenue projections. We grew over 1000 percent in 2014 and will grow another 400 percent this year. We fully expect that trend to continue as more marketers discover the power, sophistication and outstanding customer support of the Maropost platform.”

When asked why customers — including a number of enterprise customers — are turning to Maropost, Andrew said, “There are three big reasons why we’ve been picking up so many new customers. The first is that the Maropost product is built from a marketer’s perspective. It’s fast, flexible, powerful and can handle email, SMS, push and Web marketing efforts. The second reason is that many existing ESPs are built on old technology that can’t scale to meet the immediacy needs of today’s marketers. Data and data sources change quickly — Maropost is built to use those new data sources and make them part of marketing segmentation. The third is that there’s enormous dissatisfaction with ESPs who have gotten absorbed into corporate monoliths — as a result, attention to service and customer needs has fallen off dramatically. Maropost is squarely focused on delivering outstanding, high-touch customer service that is entirely focused on customer success. The combination of these three reasons is driving Maropost’s success.”

Andrew also added — “Maropost is built to serve businesses who see email and digital marketing as a key driver of business success. I invite any and all companies to learn more about us by visiting our web site at, emailing us at or calling us directly at 888.438.4152.”