The Maropost Marketing Cloud is happy to announce support for Opportunistic Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all outbound emails for all of its clients.

Tim Starr, Senior Director of Deliverability for Maropost Marketing Cloud, spoke on the benefit for users of the platform.

“Enabling Opportunistic TLS for all clients will make a better user experience for all email recipients, particularly within Gmail.  As more mailbox providers launch TLS, those messages without TLS will – in all likelihood – be destined for the spam folder.”

TLS protects email senders and recipients from having their messages intercepted and read in between the source and destination of the transmission. Encrypting the email instead of sending it in the clear makes those messages far more difficult for anyone to read aside the intended recipients.

Due to increased concern about the security of email transmission, larger mailbox providers have started supporting Opportunistic TLS. This secures encrypted email both to and from anyone else that supports it, while falling back to non-encrypted sessions with those not yet supporting it.

One of the most noticeable recent indicators of acceptance of Opportunistic TLS is Gmail’s system of including a warning (in the shape of an open red padlock) in their UI if email is not sent with TLS.

Ross Andrew, Chief Executive Officer of Maropost Marketing Cloud, added his take on the support.

“Protecting the security of our customer’s email transmissions is one of the most important things we do. Adding Opportunistic TLS will help secure those transmissions as tightly as possible. We are pleased to add this additional layer of security for all Maropost Marketing Cloud clients.”

Opportunistic TLS has been enabled for all Maropost Marketing Cloud clients. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact