Maropost today announced its participation as the Titanium sponsor of Meclab’s 2016 MarketingSherpa Summit (

Bob Frady, CMO of Maropost said “We’re thrilled to partner with MarketingSherpa again this year. We had a spectacular show last year and are happy to extend our partnership in 2016. In the past MarketingSherpa brought together hard-core email marketers – which is great. This year, we are very pleased to see the expansion of the program to include other realms of digital marketing. These are exactly the people who thrive on the Maropost digital marketing platform – people who build fantastic email experiences that expand into multiple channels.”

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content MECLABS Institute adds “For MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, our editorial team combed through hundreds of submissions from successful marketers, to identify examples of transformational, customer-first marketing that will help their peers improve performance throughout 2016. And for the past few months, we’ve been working closely with these successful marketers to help tell their stories.

But not all the wisdom comes from the stage. Many of these case studies were partnered with email, marketing automation, and digital marketing service providers to achieve their success. At MarketingSherpa Summit, an important element is the in-person conversations marketers have with these technology and service providers in the Solutions District to gain the tools they need to power their success, and we’re glad Maropost is taking a lead role in this crucial element of Summit.

Plus, last year they brought flying monkeys. Everyone could use a flying monkey.”

“We are excited to again partner with Meclabs for the 2016 MarketingSherpa Summit as Titanium Sponsor,” said Ross Andrew, Maropost CEO. “The MarketingSherpa Summit brings together a large and diverse digital marketing ecosystem. The Maropost event was the highlight of the show last year – we’re excited to show attendees how we can go above and beyond last year’s spectacular event.”

For a limited time, Maropost and Meclabs will offer a $100 registration discount for the 2016 show. Just go to and enter the code Maropost-Sherpa16 to get the discount. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!