TORONTO – Maropost Marketing Cloud – the world’s best email and digital marketing platform – is excited to announce that Outreach Inc, the leading faith-based publisher and church goods provider, has recently joined the ranks of Maropost customers.

According to Steve Foster, Chief Operating Officer at Outreach, “We are excited to move our business to Maropost. Email is critical to our business and drives content consumption. Between the intuitive user interface, their aggressive approach to enhancing their platform, and their responsive client service team, we’re looking forward to partnering with Maropost.”

When asked why Outreach chose Maropost, Foster responded “We didn’t! When we did our initial evaluations over a year ago, we actually chose another platform – one that promised us a lot during the sales cycle. However, it was a continual struggle to transition onto that platform. After several months and continual difficulties, we re-engaged with Ross and the Maropost team. This time, we chose Maropost.”

When asked if there were any noticeable differences during the switch to Maropost, Foster said “the level of customer support is far beyond what we experienced with our other provider. The Maropost client team responds quickly to any issues. They work diligently to solve any issues that come up. They’re fast, thorough and detailed. After experiencing Maropost’s level of service, I may have underestimated how important this kind of service is to my program’s success.”

Foster also added “We like Maropost’s approach to building an integrated product, rather than have a series of API’s that link to other products – those sorts of integrations are tough to maintain and tough to make work. We think that Maropost’s approach of building key functionality into their platform makes more sense than doing it the other way around.”

When asked about specific functionality they’re looking forward to utilizing, Foster said “we’re really looking forward to time-based testing, which is integrated into the Maropost platform. We’re also looking forward to Data Workflows, as Maropost has made data transfers between systems much easier – especially since I now don’t have to involve IT in writing custom API calls.”

Maropost CEO Ross Andrew adds “we had a number of great conversations with Outreach about their email marketing program. While we were disappointed that they initially chose a different path, we’re glad they they now see the value in both our integrated platform and our high level of customer support. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Outreach team. We know that email marketing is critical to Outreach and look forward to helping them achieve outstanding levels of success.”