TORONTO, ON— Maropost Marketing Cloud — the fastest growing provider of email and digital services in North America — is pleased to share its client success story with The Hero Company, a multi-brand self-improvement company, built to help men become better in their relationships, their social interactions with others, and in all aspects of their lives. One of its brands, The Social Man, ( delivers online video seminars and curated content, to a private community of empowered and dedicated fans.

Christian Hudson, the company’s CEO, reflected on the value that his company’s partnering with Maropost has provided to The Social Man brand and business.

“A lot of what we’re trying to do is deliver great, powerful content to our members that has the ability to radically transform each aspect of their life. Personalizing content, and creating conversational communication is a key element of our brand and core product offering. Maropost provides us the ability to build and create a relationship with our fans over email, at the scale of millions of emails per year. We can be very specific in our frequency of communication, the types of emails we send, list segments, interest groups, and have a very solid understanding of what information fan need to receive at each part of their journey in becoming better men,” he said.

The Social Man focuses on creating and delivering content that entertains and empowers men to put forth the effort required in truly bettering their lives. The content provided ranges from educational, to personal and professional relationships, to hand-curated editorial and a number of exclusives for members of The Social Man Community. Hudson especially enjoys Maropost’s multi-brand functionality and ability to highly personalize — at scale — email communications.

“Email helps to carry a very specific voice to our customers. Maropost Marketing Cloud gives us the ability to really personalize information for our members. We are able to create and schedule all the different flows that each one of our user segments or user groups need. The fact that we can deliver all the information, for multiple products — in the proper order or fashion that we would want them to receive — is super helpful.

We have the ability through Maropost to schedule, plan, and strategize each step of the customer journey. The end result, is a unique, motivating and rewarding experience for our members. The Maropost Marketing Cloud helps us to scale; otherwise it would be a very difficult endeavour,” Hudson stated.

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost, remarked on the partnership between the two companies and upcoming opportunities to come.

“It is a privilege for us to serve The Hero Company, which shares a similar user-based vision to Maropost. We appreciate their mission in providing a solid digital journey for consumers and are very pleased that the technology we’ve built is being put to such a powerful use. We are excited to see their growth and look forward to playing a critical role in The Hero Company’s future success.”