In this current digital age, the classic adage “image is everything” seems to be very true. It’s not lost on email marketing, as designers often push boundaries to make emails more and more beautiful.

So…rather than fight with people about why you should or should not use highly visual emails, here’s a few tips to put the power of HTML emails to work for you!

Here are a few tips –

1. Proportion the visuals to your brand

While HTML can create beautiful emails, it’s important not to go overboard. A good rule of thumb is to keep your email visuals in proportion to how “visual” your brand is. If your brand makes extended use of beautiful images on your web and print publications, then by all means stretch the boundaries in email.

Remember – email is an extension of your brand. Don’t be afraid to add more visualizations to your emails.

2. Remember, you’re here to get something to happen

Email marketing has two main functions – to get something to happen or to keep something going. While some people like to make emails beautiful, you want to make sure it does not get in the way of making things happen.

Images can be beautiful…but results are even MORE beautiful.

3. Watch the text/image ratio

While beautiful images can make for a lovely email, understand that you still need text, as not every mailbox will properly display your images. Text – and not text inside of the image – is what every email client will display. So make sure your email contains enough text to tell your story!

4. Test and Test and Test Again!

These tips are great but the real answer is to test! Come up with multiple versions of your email – from text only all the way up to highly visual. See for yourself what works!

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