Think Differently About Email Marketing

In the modern marketing landscape, quality data is everything.
Leveraging behaviors and customer experiences drives engagement and revenue. Maropost automates your email marketing processes and takes your business to the next level of building lasting, one-to-one relationships with your customers.

Make A Lasting Impact!

Maropost’s makes target marketing easy.

Increase your Open Rates and Click Thru Rates (CTR) by targeting consumers with messages that interest them. How? By leveraging Maropost’s patented analytics package to identify consumers interests and using that information to send the right message to the right customer!

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Introducing Our V3® Interface

Create and manage your automated workflows easily based on subscriber activity and behavior
Product & Revenue Tracking
Assess and measure ROI in real-time based on products and revenue or both with just a few clicks
Send Time Optimization
Analyze open and click data in real time to identify the best time to send emails to each subscriber

Maropost® Connections

We create and sustain connections with partners for your every need. Click Connect below to learn more.

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